2009: Santa Cruz approves smoking ban for Pacific Avenue, Beach Street, West Cliff Drive

2009: Santa Cruz approves smoking ban for Pacific Avenue, Beach Street, West Cliff Drive

Is this constitutional? Especially considering this common sense:

One opponent to the proposed ban wondered how big an impact the new rules will have, as cars are still polluting the air with their exhaust.

“This room used to be filled with people smoking cigarettes at City Council meetings. No one died at those meetings,” said Scott Graham of Santa Cruz. “If I were to back my car into this room and let it run for 10 minutes, everyone would be dead.”

What is the fine for violators of this law?
Violators can be fined up to $25 for smoking in the aforementioned areas.

Casey Wright, host of GOODNEWS and moderator of GOODNEWSCONSPIRACY is considering a persistant act of “civil disobedience” to combat over-arching and irrational attempts by politically correct city council members to dictate how he can behave.

On a Marin, California forum, smokers are reacting to the possible change:

“This is going a little too far. People forget that smoking is a choice. Taking away somebody’s right to do something just because YOU don’t like it isn’t the right answer … (There) are many anti-smoking people out there who feel it’s their right to treat smokers like crap. We already have to stand outside in a tiny little corner, huddle around coffee cans or go accross (sic) the street. That for the most part is fine, we are okay with that (nice people aren’t we?) But you guys STILL ***** about second-hand smoke? Sure second hand smoke sucks, but so does life…smokers have done enough at this point to appease anti-smoking interests.” – MB8abovetherim

Well put.


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