Collection of Encounters With The SCPD

First off, I’m sorry that I swear all the time, but I really hate being bothered by the police. I hate being falsely accused, and I hate being honked at. I hate how much these guys get paid to live in one of the safest towns in the world.

I distinctly disrespect all police officers who do not have the intelligence or courage to discuss 9/11 truth. For eight years, I have been studying TRUE criminals… and it is upsetting that men in black fart around pursuing quality of life issues that have nothing to do with REAL CRIME.

I do respect good police officers though, for example, a sergeant who presided over my DUI arrest discussed 9/11 really deeply with me. Also, John Meader, 30 year veteran of the California Highway Patrol, bravely distributed a video message to police chiefs that they should investigate and prosecute the true 9/11 criminals.

Santa Cruz cops falsely accused me of a crime I didn’t commit, they lamely tried to search me after that. Their sub-contracted First Alarm guard harrased me for drinking a Rootbeer. They typically are enforcing unconstitutional statutes that infringe upon my Constitutional and divine right to pursue happiness. They prosecute “victimless crimes” and rake in the big bucks while doing so.

You’d probably have to know a lot more of my story to understand my anger. Or maybe you know exactly why I was so pissed off.


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