Could There Be A Plan To Reveal The Truth About 9/11 In The Future ?

Blue_Jay33 at writes:

I am talking about a full admission by a future American President that was not in politics on 9/11.

As bizarre is that may sound, what if this was meant to be a double and reverse false flag.
In other words 9/11 faked and blame put on those that needed to be dealt with and securing a more militarized state against both domestic and foreign terrorism. But at a later date for whatever reason it could serve a political and perhaps military reason to reveal the truth, a catalyst to something. Just as 9/11 changed America, a revelation of this magnitude could change it once again. Some may say it would serve no purpose, but we don’t know that for sure. What I am saying is imagine if the TPTB wanted to impact America in a very negative way, this would do it.

It would be a political nightmare for America, and if enough outrage ensued who knows what would happen ?
This isn’t JFK, there would be thousands of family members instantly turned into political activists and they would recruit others to their cause for seeking justice, or heads in the French revolution style.


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