2 thoughts on “The Reischstag Fire

  1. Kelsey pawlyk says:

    Obama thought I was related to the bush family .. I don’t know.. Lebanese I am not just the Scottish.. I know Obama is related to the Lebanese. I was for the people now I know why they did this to me.. Try to open my eyes on how people are. I know how they are. I see the upper class point of view and lower class point of view. I feel like the bush family are trying to push the blame on the maCcains. There all related one way or another distantly. The ruling class is all by blood. Nothing’s changed why do you think everyone set me up. How is this my fault.

    1. Kelsey pawlyk says:

      Wrong posting.. Why this popped up on my news feed I don’t know. I don’t like the nazis .. I hate Stallen a billion Times more. Stallen… Why do people focuse on nazis they are both lame..

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