Jonathan D. Green & actual references to Nicholas Rockefeller at RAND

Jonathan D. Green Named President and Chief Executive Officer of Rockefeller Group International, Inc. in 2002.

Was lawyer at Thacher, Proffitt & Wood, which had offices in twin towers.

2003 CAPP Advisory Board Meeting

The RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy (CAPP) held its 2003 Board meeting on May 8. Board members Roy Doumani, Matt Fong, Lalita Gupte, Andrew Kim, Michael ByungJu Kim, Chairman Woong-Yeul Lee, Nicholas Rockefeller, Richard Solomon, Cyrus Tang, Donald Tang, Ratan Tata, Linda Yang, and Daniel Yun attended.

RAND CEO and President Jim Thomson, who chaired the meeting, began by welcoming the Board’s new members Lalita Gupte, Michael Kim, Woong-Yeul Lee, Donald Tang, and Ratan Tata. International Programs Director Jerry Green gave a short overview of international programs at RAND. Nina Hachigian then presented the CAPP director’s report. She discussed CAPP’s mission and future goals. She also reviewed projects in CAPP’s research agenda, which include a study comparing China and Japan’s economic reforms, a project on South Korean public opinion of the U.S., and research analyzing the security implications of demographic trends in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

CAPP Asia Policy chair William Overholt then gave his briefing, “China Under New Leadership”, which was followed by a panel on Korea with General Kim Dong Shin (ret.), CAPP’s visiting fellow, on “South Korea’s Strategy Toward the North,” Bruce Bennett on “The US-South Korea Alliance,” and Eric Larson on “South Korean Public Opinion of the U.S.” Lively discussions followed the two briefings.

A small dinner followed the meeting at the home of board member Roy Doumani and his wife, Carol. Kurt Campbell, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asia, gave the keynote speech – “The Coming Challenges in Asia and What the United States Must Do.” Several Board members and RAND analysts attended the dinner.

Jonathan D. Green & actual references to Nicholas Rockefeller at RAND

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