NSA Blackmailing Obama? | Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice

Interesting references to Dick Cheney & Henry Kissinger. Why don’t you mention the Rockefellers while you’re at it? Sen. Jay Rockefeller is still running the media through the commerce committee of the Senate. Why do you think the media didn’t tell Russ Tice’s story? Still impressive that the best mainstream news about America is coming out of Russia. Best line: D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people.

I feel obligated to say: Fuck the shadow government. We need more whistle blowers like Russ Tice and Edward Snowden. Prosecute the Neoconservatives. Expose the 9/11 crimes. This has to be, otherwise this Orwellian bullshit is going to really suck when Rham Emmanuel starts running it. Neofascist Zionist scum who’s gonna holocaust all y’all to make up for Auschwitz.

Meta Noia [I know you could be listening: come out now or you’re going to regret it later. I’m telling you this from a historian’s perspective. And to the true fascists: are you brave enough to use your fists, or is it always going to be poison letters and exploding cars, you pussy-ass existential faggots wanking it in your abyss. “Ve are nihilists Lebowski! Ve are the ubermench. You are cannon fodder.” You know where I am, bring your fists you pansy submissives to old world money. Lick a lollypop for grandpappy Rockefeller you good little Hitler/Jew infoslave. “Never again,” while you genocide your Semite cousins the Arabs. Get real scum. I know you.]